The companies below were selected to present in the PMWC 2011 Most Promising Company Award Competition. After the TOP 3 finalists are chosen, they will present again to the judging panel and audience, who will then vote for the winner at the end of the 2-day program.

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Agendia is improving the quality of life for cancer patients by providing healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies with state-of-the-art testing services that enable safe and effective personalized medicine.
Ambergen Inc's. proprietary molecular profiling technology enables physicians to more accurately make optimal therapeutic decisions tailored to individual patients. This is made possible by identifying unique molecular fingerprints in tumors, blood and other biospecimens that are characteristic of specific diseases and their outcomes. Ambergen approach combines unique patented technology in the area of proteomics, genomics and bioinformatics.


Accelerated Medical Diagnostics (AMD) is developing the PlatinDx assay, which provides direct measurement of in vivo tumor responses to a microdose (~1/100th the therapeutic dose) of platinum-based chemotherapy agents such as carboplatin and oxaliplatin, allowing selection of the correct therapy for each patient thus saving suffering and costs on unneeded therapy.


Analytics Plus is singularly focused on helping companies monetize their large investments in data infrastructure and translate data into business solutions. The healthcare solutions in this space are comprehensive and range from analytics that support promotion and adoption of prescription drugs by a larger groups of providers to measuring the effectiveness of sales force and creating databases that provide competitive intelligence in the prescription drug marketplace.


Atossa Genetics, Inc. helps women maintain health and well being through innovative products and services to help prevent, diagnose, and treat breast cancer. We are a healthcare company focused on the development and marketing of novel cellular and molecular diagnostic risk assessment products for breast cancer.


Auxogyn, Inc. focuses on advancing women's reproductive health by applying its novel scientific and clinical knowledge of early human developmental biology to the field of assisted reproduction and in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. Auxogyn's first product in development combines a proprietary computational algorithm with developmental biology imaging capabilities to assess early embryo viability at the four-cell stage of development by identifying embryos that have the possibility of developing into a blastocyst.  Auxogyn is funded by the leading life science venture firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, TPG Biotechnology and Merck Serono Ventures.


DNA Electronics is creating a suite of electronic microchip‐based solutions to enable faster, simpler and more cost‐effective DNA analysis. From scalable semiconductor sequencing to rapid, portable molecular diagnostics, our mission is to enable our licensees to create fast and user‐friendly products with wide‐reaching and high impact applications in personalised medicine and infectious disease diagnosis.


DNA Genotek develops products that optimize ease of collection for those requiring high-quality biological samples for nucleic acid testing. With the launch of its flagship product Oragene®•DNA, DNA Genotek revolutionized the DNA sample collection market with a product that allows people to spit a small amount of saliva into a plastic tube to provide a reliable, high quality DNA sample that remains stable at room temperature for 5 years.


Enlis Genomics is leading the way in creating software that powers the future of genomic medicine and health. The Enlis Genome software platform is a framework for analyzing genomic sequencing data. It represents the first-of-its-kind application able to bring clarity, insight, and significant ease-of-use to the study of genomic data.

Eutropics Pharmaceuticals develops more effective and less toxic cancer therapies that hit targets essential for cancer cell survival. By apoptosis – Programmed Cell Death – damaged cells commit suicide and are removed before they can become cancerous. A unique and powerful assay guides clinicians in the use of the drugs and establishes where apoptosis is blocked and if the specific protein that our treatment targets is the cause. This tells clinicians in advance which patients will respond to the treatment, a critical companion to our therapeutic.

Fluxion harnesses the power of single-cell analysis to target treatments for cancer patients by analyzing circulating tumor cells, and to lower significantly the cost and time necessary to develop new therapeutics for significant unmet medical needs in cancer, CNS, pain, inflammatory, metabolic, and cardiovascular disease.

FortressLinQ exciting mobile interactive technologies improve the Health Care experience through better informed decision making, Patient/Provider collaboration, and unique revenue generation opportunities that help patients monetize their Health Funding Accounts and create new profit streams for physicians; enabling both the Provider and the Patient an open exchange and marketplace that affords each the ability to better manage and afford their respective decisions and costs of providing and acquiring health care.
GammaMedica,Inc. builds and services imaging systems based on novel technologies to improve patient health through early diagnosis of disease, improved patient treatment and by enabling new drug discovery. Gamma Medica is dedicated to leading medical imaging into a new digital era with its unique sensor readout systems. The Company’s core digital imaging technologies also hold great promise for a new class of solutions for the safety and security markets.

Genia aims to unify Moore’s Law with biotechnology to make genetic information universally available. While current generation sequencing platforms use enzymes, complicated optics, labels, amplification, or fluidics, Genia’s versatile nanopore-based platform relies on none of these things. The Genia platform allows for true single molecule, real-time, electrical analysis.


INRange Systems, Inc. aims to insure that a patient takes the right pill at the right time as directed by their physician. Outpatient medication adherence rates average between 40% and 50% and cost the healthcare system more than $290 Billion per year (New England Journal of Commerce).


Lead Horse Technologies (LHT) is a Drug Safety Technology company using Health IT to develop products for other Health IT companies and end-users in support of positive benefit/risk profiles, lower pharmacy costs, and safer drug launches, whether in the clinical trial phase or in the post-marketing environment.  We support the practice of personalized medicine and work to reduce the rates, severity, and costs associated with Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs).

Medivo is focused on bringing personalized medicine into practice in the areas of preventive and therapeutic care. Personalized medicine is a more patient-focused approach combining health IT and genetic and lab testing driving the future of quality care and improving individual outcomes. Medivo provides educational, engagement and clinical services to patients and physicians over the Medivo Platform.

MDxHealth is a molecular diagnostics company that develops and commercializes advanced tests for cancer assessment and the personalized treatment of patients. Applying our patented DNA methylation platform and biomarkers, we help address a large and growing unmet medical need for better cancer diagnosis and treatment information.


Nodality is a biotechnology company focused on developing highly predictive tests to enable biologically-informed clinical treatment decisions in patients with cancer and autoimmune disease. The company's proprietary technology, Single Cell Network Profiling (SCNP), was developed in the laboratory of Professor Garry Nolan and licensed from Stanford University.

Ohmx offers a handheld medical monitoring device that is bioelectronic, low-cost, reagentless and targeted for use by chronic disease patients (e.g. cardiovascular, oncology, renal failure patients and Type II diabetics).The bioelectronic detection company is developing a monitoring device to be used in all point-of-care (POC) settings, even by the patient as a consumer diagnostic. Once integrated within the existing eHealth infrastructure, the device will enable doctors to quickly, cost-effectively, and remotely monitor and manage patients with chronic diseases.

OncoHealth aims to enhance women's health through better diagnostic testing and screening. OncoHealth plans to commercialize unique proprietary tests for cervical cancer and other cancers associated with human papillomavirus (HPV). By directly differentiating the stages of cancer progression, OncoHealth's tests will enable clinicians to triage HPV infected patients and select the most effective treatments—a capability that the Pap smear and existing molecular diagnostic tests cannot provide.


Optimata is a modeling-based biopharmaceutical company providing comprehensive solutions, navigating drug development through shorter, safer pathways towards a high market competitive profile. Expert in predictive biosimulation, Optimata mathematically models patient physiological and pathological processes, along with the dynamics of drug-patient interactions, with a special focus on cancer and oncology drugs. Simulated by Optimata Virtual Patient software, these models provide valuable drug effect predictions, with recommendations of optimal treatment regimens per clinical indication and patient population.


Sanovas Surgical Technologies significantly advances minimally invasive surgery through advanced visualization and physiologic measurement systems that operate within new sensory guided interventional catheters to provide innovative navigation, treatment, resection and the point specific delivery and application of drug and immune therapies; creating an innovative new solution that is poised to become the standard of care in the Interventional Pulmonary Science.


SelfOptima is a virtual health coach solution helping you optimize and elevate your health and well-being, using a comprehensive, integrative health approach. They believe achieving true health will provide the freedom you need to live a full and enjoyable life.


SureGene LLC utilizes modern genetic technology to discover the underlying genetic basis for psychiatric diseases and drug response. They develop genetic discoveries into products (molecular diagnostic tests) used to improve the care of people with serious mental illness. They are currently developing a genetic test that will be useful in predicting whether antipsychotic drugs are likely to be safe and effective for particular patients.


VitaPath Genetics, Inc. is developing a family of DNA tests to help individuals reduce the risk of serious and life-threatening disease. Our first product is a genetic test to identify risk factors that are associated with a common birth defect called Spina Bifida and which can be safely corrected with low-risk vitamin supplementation under the care of a physician. At VitaPath, our mission is to focus only on genetic mutations that are shown to be biologically functional and that can be remediated with minimal risk. In doing so, we can improve the quality of life for our customers and reduce the overall cost of healthcare.


Vivia Biotech is a Spanish biotechnology firm and pioneer in the screening of thousands of drugs directly in blood samples of patients, an innovative model for systems biology research that has allowed the implementation for the first time in the world. This technology can identify the most effective drugs to selectively kill cancer cells present in the patient sample in the field of blood cancers (leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma).

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